About Us

We are an Australian-based company, specializing in natural formulations to the fields of anti-aging, health, and wellness.

Our range includes health and dietary supplements, natural cosmetic-aesthetic plant extracts, and clinical wellness medicine. Sprouting from various foundations of alternative practice -- from Naturopathy to Traditional Chinese Medicine to Bio-Quantum Medicine, and more -- and with over 20 years experience, we are driven to bring forth the best natural solutions for your optimal journey of healing and well-being. 

Our sister company, Nano Philosophy, an expertise in wellness and aesthetics has wide international clinic establishments and products in the Asian and European markets. It is also the first to practice integrative preventive medicine in some many countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

May it be for your personal, familial, clinical or other use, we are happy to help.

Let's heal together.